Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy Monday.

Happy Monday everyone! Happy-Monday. Not really two words a normal person would put together, but it was a happy Monday for me for several reasons..

  1. I found out I got a 100 on an Art History quiz I had on Friday the 13th. (I typically do not succeed in art history, and it was Friday the 13th, duh.)
  2. I got out of my two-hour long Art History class 15 minutes early today. (Trust me, it makes a difference!)
  3. I finally got some free time to go to the gym and practice some yoga. Much needed.
  4. It's one day closer to the end of this week and to the end of Term B classes! (WHEW!)
  5. And best of all, I had this delightful past weekend at home to reminisce on...

what my weekend consisted of...

Home cooking.  Mama had this delicious meal waiting for me when I got home late Friday night...

I got to spend some much needed sister-sister time with my lovely Tanner Kaye...

We took out my dad's old film camera and experimented with a few shots...

My lovely mama finally let me take some pictures of her! And they turned out great, of course.

Can't forget mama's homemade vegetable soup...(which she sent back 5 containers of with me)

The blackberry, cherry, strawberry smoothie I made. Delicious!

And lastly, I got to see my beautiful best friend Megan on the way out of town.  Nothing beats catching up with your bestie.  We didn't get a picture this past weekend... but I sure do love this one!

And that is why I can I say I had a Happy Monday, despite all the little things in life that irked me about today. No worries, be happy.
Well I am off to start on the only summer reading I can participate in this week... "Seven Days in the Art World." Yay for book reviews...

Happy Monday! You have 5 more chances to make this week better!

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