Sunday, August 19, 2012

Stone Coaster DIY

Feeling crafty and having some free time on my hands this weekend, I decided to tackle a DIY I have been eager to complete for some time now.  As simple as this one was, the outcome has been one of my favorites so far.

I decided to make some coasters (to go along with the many that I have already). 
This is how simple this project is...
Things you need:
1. Letter stencils
2. A couple paint brushes
3. Black acrylic paint (or any color you prefer)
4. A cup of water
5. Stone tiles for the coasters (I got these at Lowe's for thirty-three cents each)
6. It would also be best to invest in some Krylon Protective, Non-Yellowing Clear Finish.

I decided to make these coasters for my roommate Christina and I, so I decided using our initials would be best!  I simply put the stencil where I wanted the initial and painted onto the stone.  I found that it was best not to mix water with the paint before painting on the tile.  It will cause the paint to run under the stencil while you are painting and thus ruin the design.  Just wet your brush, wipe it on a paper towel slightly then use the acrylic paint from there.

After allowing the paint to completely dry, take the tiles outside or somewhere you don't mind the smell, and spray the tiles with the Krylon protective finish.  This finishing coat adds a gloss touch as well as protects the paint from chipping off.  Allow the first coat to dry for about 30 minutes to an hour or until it is completely dry.  It should be dry at this point.  Then go back and spray another coat on top.  I did a total of three coats on each tile, but it's really whatever you feel is complete.

After the tiles were dry I went back and added rubber stoppers to the bottom of each tile.  I put one on each  corner making a total of four.  This will keep the tiles from sliding around as well as keep them from scratching the surface that you have them on.

And there you have it! Our new coasters to add to our cute home! I made four of each initial.

What are some of your favorite things to do with tiles?


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