Saturday, September 15, 2012

Late night coffee and live music

Well it's official.  I have finally visited 'Latte Da', a local coffee shop here in town.  It has been on my list for so long to visit, and what more perfect night to visit than when they are having live music!  It was the best.  This definitely contributed to the relaxing Friday night after a long, dreadful week.

Sadly, this was probably the first AND last time I will have gone to Latte Da.  For why?  Because they are selling Latte Da! Sad day.. I barely got to experience it.  But selling it?  Wellllllll, I can't seem to get out of my head my dream of owning a cupcake shop.  Man, how I wish I was in great financial state so that I could purchase this cafe and partially live out my dream!  Oh well, there will be more time for that.

Thankful for great friends and peaceful nights.  On the other hand, not too excited about living off VERY LITTLE sleep lately.

Weekend plans?


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