Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lazy weekend..

This weekend was exactly what I needed.  A weekend at home doing pretty much, absolutely nothing.  My roommate and I decided to take the weekend to make a trip back home.  Sadly, it felt like we spent a majority of the time in the car.  Other than that, my weekend was filled with relaxation, catching  up with old friends, going through my junk, and spending time with my family.

This is my sister, my best friend, and practically my twin (although she's five years younger than me).  Typically on my weekends home we spend a day or two taking pictures and looking into new perspectives of photography.  Unfortunately, the scattered thunderstorms that occurred throughout most of Saturday kept us on our front porch taking these colorful images.  Which I don't mind.  I love our brick.  But I love new things even more.  So next go around will involve more traveling in our photo op ventures.  Stay tuned throughout the week with more photos we took on our rainy day.

Saturday night, my besties and I went to go see some of our friends play in their band at a local bar.  Although the crowd was twice our age (and then some) and the smell of cigarrettes stuck with us well after we left, we had a GREAT time.  Really, it's always fun just catching up with old friends, best friends, and new friends.  And there's nothing like a good time with live music, and best friends of course.  Just another night to add to my book of thankful memories.

Sunday I also had the joy of catching up with even more friends at a birthday party and making new memories.  The day seemed short and man how I wished it was longer.  It had to have been the most beautiful day, with the most perfect weather, and even great folks.  Unfortunately, I spent most of the day riding back to the car.  Not outside in this beautiful weather.  It would've been a great day for my hammock, but I'm sure there will be more to come!

Well tomorrow is the first day of pursuing the goals I have set for myself for the rest of the year.  I'm starting it off with a 7am workout, and I sure do hope I find the motivation to get up and follow through with that plan considering it's already after midnight...

So I'm off to get some much needed rest after this "lazy weekend".  Stay tuned this week for the rest of my goals for this year!

Happy early Monday!


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